17 JULI 2020           21:50 WIB

Jakarta – PT JIEP (Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung) as the manager and developer of the Pulogadung Industrial Estate periodically continues to make various efforts to safeguard assets within the estate. The assets safeguarding carried out by PT JIEP consists of two aspects; the legality of assets with a certification program and control of buildings, stalls, to street vendors that stand on certified land owned by PT JIEP. The asset safeguarding within the Pulogadung Industrial Estate refers to the Governor’s Decree Number 1b/3/2/35/1969 which states that PT JIEP is entrusted with an industrial plot of +/- 500 Ha and is required to safeguard state assets, one of which is in the form of controlling illegal buildings that are not in accordance with their allotment and stand on state-owned land. PT JIEP’s Head of Corporate Secretary, Purwati, said the activities to establish order had been going on since early 2018 and have been running consistently. Most recently, JIEP carried out control of dozens of illegal stalls on Jalan Pulobuaran 6, Pulogadung Industrial Estate on Thursday (13/9). “Before carrying this out, we have conducted socialization to residents by giving three notification letters since August 30th, 2018. However, until our third letter was issued on September 7th, 2018, they did not budge so we were forced to put things in order,” she said. She added that in addition to being based on the Governor’s Decree Number 1b/3/2/35/1969, the control carried out by PT JIEP together with the Mayor of East Jakarta, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, as well as the Indonesian National Armed Forces & Indonesian Police were in line with the stipulation of the Pulogadung Industrial Estate as Vital National Object dated December 21st, 2017 by the Ministry of Industry. “What we have done since the beginning of the year until now has certainly been based on the very clear regulations that asset safeguarding in Pulogadung Industrial Estate must be implemented immediately. Therefore, we hope that all parties, especially the residents of illegal stalls in the Pulogadung Industrial Estate, can comply with the rules set out in the decree regarding the legality of land in the Pulogadung Industrial Estate,” she added. In addition to securing assets, PT JIEP also consistently optimizes the Urban Forest by controlling street vendors and semi-permanent buildings that stand on the green line within the Pulogadung Industrial Estate. This activity will continue until all land, plot, and green lines in the Industrial Estate are completely restricted for unauthorized people. Further information, please contact: Galih Geraldi (0812 8104 4897) – PT JIEP Corporate Communication