17 JULI 2020           21:50 WIB

PT Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung (JIEP) on Wednesday (15/8) initiated a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the theme “Solving SOEs Asset Problems in the Context of Safeguarding SOEs Assets” at the Graha Daya Guna Auditorium, Pulogadung, East Jakarta. There were three competent keynote speakers, namely Arie Yuriwin, General Director of Office Land Procurement of the Ministry of Agrarian & Spatial Planning, Rini Wulandari, Deputy Assistant for Legal Services of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, and Octovianus, 1st Coordinator Attorney General for Civil and State Administration of State Attorney. The event which was directly moderated by the President Director of PT JIEP, Landi R Mangaweang, was also attended by dozens of directors from SOEs and Regionally-owned Enterprises (ROEs) as well as officials in charge of legal from various agencies. President Director of PT JIEP, Landi R Mangaweang, talked about the importance of safeguarding assets in the sustainability of SOEs in maximizing profits. Therefore, every SOEs employee should give more focus and attention to the security and legality aspects of the assets of each SOE. “Citing reports from one of the national media which stated that the assets of SOEs as of 2017 had reached Rp7,200 trillion, it is only natural that each SOE or ROE company synergize with various parties, in this case the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs & Spatial Planning to the State Attorney of the Republic of Indonesia. This needs to be done to maintain and optimize state assets so that they do not fall into unauthorized people,” he said. He added that PT JIEP also carried out a Memorandum of Understanding together with PT. Surveyor Indonesia. This MoU is related to the implementation of survey, inspection, verification, monitoring, and asset services activities from Pulogadung Industrial Estate. “We are cooperating with PT Surveyor Indonesia in optimizing the assets of PT JIEP, which is a 500 hectares area in Pulogadung Industrial Estate. We do not want our assets to be undeveloped or even fall to an unauthorized person. We also invite all SOEs, ROEs, and other agencies to unite and synergize creating optimal assets for the progress of the nation and the state,” he concluded. PT. JIEP is a limited liability company owned by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta with a share ownership of 50% each. JIEP is the first industrial estate management company in Indonesia, which was initially tasked with providing industrial plots and all industrial facilities that were well-organized for investors who would invest in the manufacturing sector. In further developments and in accordance with market demands, PT JIEP carries out diversification as well as business expansion by gradually building rental buildings such as Ready-to-Use Factory Building with 1 to 4 floors, Warehouse (closed and open), Transit Warehouse, Small Industrial Business Facility, as well as other supporting buildings such as residential property (Bizhome/Block O). This is done as an effort to better ensure the survival of the company in the future. Further information, please contact: Galih Geraldi (0812 8104 4897) – PT JIEP Corporate Communication