17 JULI 2020           21:50 WIB

Jakarta – The existence of Urban Forest within the capital city of DKI Jakarta has recently become very rare. Whereas of urban forest functions as the central in creating a microclimate, maintaining a balance of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), reducing pollutants, and reducing noise. Of the several urban forests in the capital, one of the largest is in the East Jakarta, especially in the Pulogadung Industrial Estate. It is an 8.9 Ha area and is located in the middle of the city, making it the lungs of the city in East Jakarta. Realizing the importance of the urban forest as a green open space in an industrial estate, PT JIEP as the manager and developer of the estate is committed to optimizing the function of the urban forest as a catchment area as well as creating harmony and balance with the city physics. As a concrete step, the management of PT JIEP continues to coordinate with the mayor of East Jakarta, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, as well as security elements such as the Indonesian National Armed Forces & Indonesian Police to jointly control illegal housings and street vendors who stand above green open space within the Pulogadung Industrial Estate. This action was carried out in addition to restoring the function of the urban forest as a catchment area as well as concrete evidence of PT JIEP in carrying out the verdict of the East Jakarta District Court no. 38/2016 which contains the Rehabilitation, Recovery, Restoration of function of urban forest Pulogadung industrial area as referred to in the Decree of the Governor of DKI Jakarta Province No. 870/2004. PT JIEP’s Corporate Secretary, Purwati, explained that illegal housing and street vendors who stand on JIEP’s land, especially in green open spaces, should be brought under control since this is one of the causes of why catchment areas in industrial estate not functioning optimally. “According to the East Jakarta District Court No. 38/2016 concerning the restoration of the function of urban forests, the control of illegal buildings that stand on JIEP’s green open spaces will be carried out. This step is also part of the normalization of water catchment areas so that in the future, the Pulogadung Industrial Estate will have beautiful green open spaces,” she said. In an effort to realize Green Industrial Estate and optimizing Green Open Spaces in the Pulogadung Industrial Estate, PT. JIEP has made several persuasive efforts against illegal residents of Green Open Spaces in the JIEP environment, one of which is by providing a warning letter. “After we delivered the second warning letter to the residents living around the JIEP urban forest today, we hope that they will immediately leave this area. If this warning is not heeded, then we will take firm action, namely demolition,” she added. Of the total number, 3.81 hectares of which have been converted into residential areas, localizations, and places of business, which are not in accordance with the allotment of urban forests and are illegal activities. The control carried out by PT JIEP together with the authorities also refers to Regional Regulation 8/2007 concerning Public Order, the point of which refers to Article 24 of Regional Regulation 8/2007 regarding the Order of Certain Places and Businesses. The penal law for those who violate are contained in articles 61-64 whose punishments range from fines to imprisonment.