17 JULI 2020           21:50 WIB

PT Jakarta Industrial Pulogadung received its first award on 2018 by winning the title In House E-Magazine Best BUMN at the InMa (Indonesia Inhouse Magazine Award) 2018 organized by Press Company Union (SPS) at the Mercure Padang Hotel, West Sumatera. The grand theme of InMa 2018 is “Unlimited Creativity in the Ever-Changing Era.” The award was organized altogether with IPMA, IYRA, and ISPRIMA in the 2018 West Sumatra National Press Day (HPN) series, followed by 789 entries from various categories ranging from SOEs, Ministries, Institutions, to the private sector. Head of Secretary of PT JIEP, Purwati, said that the achievement of In House E-Magazine by JIEP in the 2018 InMA grand event is a concrete manifestation of JIEP in transforming, especially in the field of information transparency. JIEPMAGZ is one of the corporate forums for delivering information related to company policies, the latest news about the Pulogadung Industrial Estate, various rubrics containing opinions from experts to testimonials from tenants and investors. “With this prestigious award, we are more motivated to publish and disclose information about JIEP to stakeholders. In the future, we will continue to improve the quality of JIEPMAGZ from cover, content, to rubrics so that JIEPMAGZ enthusiasts continue to increase in each edition,” she said. Head Department of Corporate Communication, Narutama, added that JIEPMAGZ in the previous 5 editions was still published in a magazine format, but the 6th edition has changed the format to E-Magazine. This is in line with JIEP’s vision, which is to become an environmentally friendly industrial area by reducing paper-based products (paperless). “In accordance with our vision of becoming an international standard developer and manager with environmental insight, we are slowly but surely implementing this in our internal magazine publications. Previously, JIEPMAGZ printed up to 1000 copies per 3 months. In the future, we will change the publishing format to E-Magazine. So readers only need to visit our website at www.jiep.co.id, click the information channel, and click the JIEPMAGZ column,” he added. The InMA 2018 trophy was handed over by the former minister of SOEs, Dahlan Iskan to the Head of Secretary PT JIEP Purwati. In its assessment, PT JIEP topped the first rank in the category of ‘The Best of E-Magazines State-Owned Enterprise InMA 2018 Bronze Winner’ ahead of PTPN X and also PT Pupuk Kujang. Further information: Galih Geraldi – Corporate Communication PT JIEP (0812-8104-4897)