Decree of the Board of Directors of PPID

Regarding the Information and Documentation management, corporation has stated it on Decree of the Board of Directors of PPID PT Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung Number 056 of 2021 about the Appointment of Information and Documentation Management Officer for PT Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung. The Decree stipulates:


a. Era of transparency that encourages State-owned Institutions including PT Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadng (PT JIEP) to provide public information as the implementation of Law of Republic Indonesia Number 14 of 2008 concerning the Transparency in Public Information (KIP).

b. The Information and Documentation Management Officer (PPID) of PT JIEP will be appointed by the Decree of the Board of Directors.


a. Law Number 14 of 2008 concerning Transparency in

b. Law Number 40 of 2007 concerning Limited Liability Companies

c. Law Number 19 of 2003 concerning State-owned Enterprises (BUMN)

d. Company’s Article of Association

e. Decree of the Board of Directors Number 15 of 2015 concerning the Appointment of Information and Documentation Management Officer of PT JIEP


a. Assign the Information and Documentation Management Officers (PPID) consisting of:

Chairman: Corporate Secretary

Secretary: Assistant Vice President (AVP) Secretarial and Administration

Members: Corporate Communication Officer, Secretarial and Administration Officer, Corporate Legal Officer

b. PPID in performing their daily tasks will be assisted by the PT JIEP staff for documentation storage.

c. The description of PPID duties are as follows:

Receive, examine, and decide the application for settlement of Public Information Dispute through Mediation and/or non-litigation Adjudication submitted by every Public Information Applicant based on the reasons as referred to in this Law; Establish general policies for public information services; Establish implementation instructions and technical instructions; Coordinate each Unit/Work Unit at PT JIEP in carrying out public information services; Decide whether some information can be accessed by the public or not; Refuse the request for information in writing if the information requested includes information that is excluded/confidential accompanied by reasons and notification of the rights and procedures for the applicant to file an objection to the refusal; Coordinate with Functional Officers and/or information officers under their authority and coordination to make, maintain, and/or update information lists periodically at least once a month in the event that the Public Agency has functional officers and/or information officers; Coordinate all matters relating to information in the field of Information Technology; and the PPID Team has a function to implement the Law and the implementing regulations stipulate standard technical guidelines for Public Information services and settlement of Public Information Disputes through Mediation and/or non-litigation Adjudication.

d. In implementing its duties, PPID is responsible to the President Director

e. All facilities used as well as costs incurred in carrying out duties are charged to the Company’s budget

f. Assign the Corporate Secretary and Vice President of Human Capital Management to complete the administration and implement the contents of this Decree of the Board of Directors.

g. If in the future there are errors/deficiency in this Decree of the Board of Directors, improvements/refinement will be made accordingly

f. This Decree of the Board of Directors is effective from the date of stipulation until there are other provisions