JIEP Receives Certificate of Industrial Vital National Objects

17 JULI 2020           21:50 WIB

The business group with the mining and transportation backbone has also completed the construction of Grand Soll Marina in this region. (Image: Rumah.com)

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – The company managing Pulogadung industrial area, PT Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung (JIEP) received a certificate of the National Vital Sector Industrial Estate (OVNI). This certificate is given by the Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry).

PT JIEP Operational Director Bilson Manalu said that the issuance of this certificate would increase the security of all tenants, investors and employees in the Pulogadung Industrial Estate.

In addition, the establishment of OVNI as an anticipatory solution for dealing with disturbances that are influenced by demographic, geographic, social and cultural factors.

“In particular, security guarantees for industries make production activities smooth for industries, including their employees. With this certificate, the realization of a conducive industrial business climate and certainty for investors can be realized in the Pulogadung Industrial Zone,” he said in a written statement in Jakarta , Friday (12/22/2017).

JIEP Corporate Secretary Purwati added that the issuance of this certificate was an acknowledgment of the status if the Pulogadung industrial area deserved protection and security.

“Giving OVNI status to PT JIEP is expected to increase strategic cooperation between the Ministry of Industry, the Indonesian National Police and JIEP. We are optimistic that this can advance and realize a conducive industrial business climate in order to support the growth and development of industries that have competitiveness so that the progress of the Indonesian Nation, “he explained.

For information, PT Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung (JIEP) is a limited liability company owned by the Central Government and the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government with a share ownership of 50 percent each.

JIEP is the first industrial estate management company in Indonesia which was initially tasked with providing Industrial Plots of Land (TKI) and all industrial facilities.

In its development, JIEP diversified and expanded its business by gradually building rental buildings including Ready to Use Factory Buildings (BPSP) 1 to 4 floors, warehousing (closed and open), transit warehouses, Small Industrial Business Facilities (SUIK), and buildings other supporters such as residential property (bizhome / Blok O).