Halal Laboratories will be in the Pulogadung Industrial Zone

17 JULI 2020           21:50 WIB

The board of directors showed a charter of cooperation between PT Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung (JIEP) and the Korea testing laboratory (KTL) that would make Halal Laboratories in the Pulogadung Industrial Zone on Wednesday (13/12).

Wartakotalive.com reporter, Anggie Lianda

WARTA KOTA, JATINEGARA – Indonesia, as the country with the largest Muslim population, certainly prioritizes products labeled Halal.

Especially for Korean food products that are booming among young people.

In addition, in 2018 there will be a major change in the law on halal products that have voluntarily become mandatory.

Therefore, PT Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung (JIEP) in collaboration with the Korea testing laboratory (KTL) will make Halal Laboratories in the Pulogadung Industrial Zone.

This laboratory is one of the halal inspection institutions supported by modern facilities with international standards.

Some tools for testing the halalness of a product are:

  1. Polymerase Chain Raction (PCR) to reproduce DNA enzymatically without using organisms.
  2. Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) for serological testing which is generally used in immunological laboratories.
  3. GC-FID, namely Gas Chromatography that uses Flame Ionization.

“The lab will be built starting January 2018 and operate as soon as possible,” said Ahmad Fauzi as marketing of PT JIEP when met on location on Wednesday (12/13/2017).

Halal Lab not only serves testing products from Korea, but anyone who is doubtful can check it here.

“The tools provided to the halal lab, will not only be used to inspect products from Korea, but also to inspect all products in the Pulogadung Industrial Zone where there is no halal label,” he continued.

Hope with the holding of this lab, so that people don’t have to worry about products from abroad. (M16)