More than 433 Ha site of Pulogadung serves as the number one option for investors due to its vital spot and seamless access for transportation and distribution to all parts of Jakarta.

It started from Jakarta Provincial Governor’s Decree in 1969 which stipulated a provision of 433 Ha area in Pulogadung for industries in Jakarta and intended to be constructed by Jakarta Industrial Estate project. With the development of industrial estate management, and to accommodate the growing investment in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, PT. Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung was established in June 26th 1973 with Jakarta Provincial Government and Indonesian Government as equal shareholders. More than 433 Ha site of Pulogadung serves as the number one option for investors due to its vital spot and seamless access for transportation and distribution to all parts of Jakarta.

our shareholder


Said Aldi Al Idrus

Independent Commissioner

Said Aldi Al Idrus is known as an activist of many social service activities in Indonesia. He was born in Medan, May 23, 1973. He was assigned as Independent Commissioner of PT JIEP on July 22, 2021, based on a Decree (SK) signed by the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia and the Governor of DKI Jakarta Province as shareholders.

Yuni Suryanto


Yuni Suryanto was born in Yogyakarta, June 3rd 1964, his career started at Ministry of Finance of the Indonesia Republic. In 1997 he was joined in Ministry of State Owned Enterprises and has held the position of Commissioner in some distinguished State-owned Enterprises. He also has held the position of Director in PT Pupuk Kijang and PT Indonesia Comnets Plus.

He completed his undergraduate study in 1990 at Economic Faculty of Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta and successfully completed his master’s degree at Oklahoma City University in 1993.


Dharma Satriadi

Acting Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial & Risk Management Officer

Dharma Satriadi was born in Jakarta on June 29, and assigned as Director of Finance and Risk Management of PT JIEP in January 2023. Previously he served as Division Head of Corporate Strategy & Planning of PT JIEP in 2021. Currently he also serves as Acting Chief Executive Officer.

Before serving at PT JIEP, he has held the position as Special Staff to Head of BAPPEBTI Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia in 2020, Senior Vice President Investments and Portfolio Management at PT Pelabuhan Indonesia Investama in 2017, Head of Investments at Pacific Resources Management Limited (Singapore) in 2011 and Associate at Investment Banking Division PT Danareksa Sekuritas in 2008.

He completed his undergraduate study in 2007 in Economic at the University of Indonesia and Master of Management in 2021 at Indonesia Banking School.

Sigit Winarto

Chief Operations & Development Officer

Sigit Winarto serves as the Director of Operations and Development at PT JIEP in July 2023.

His career experience before joining PT JIEP includes being the President Director of PT Istaka Karya from 2017 to 2022, and he also had a career at PT Hutama Karya, holding several strategic positions.

Sigit earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in 1993 from Universitas Negeri Sebelas Maret and a Master’s degree in Construction Management in 2006 from Universitas Tarumanegara.



Becoming a reputable International standard developer in green modern Integrated Estate Development


  • Creating environtmental friendly and digital modern Integrated Industrial Estate
  • Providing high quality facilities and infrastructure within a secure and comfortable environtment for business and creative innovation
  • Continual improvement on productivity and service levels through standardization of operational procedures and risk management
  • Value creation for community development
  • Continous Human Capital Development through education and training
  • Strengthening and collaboration through various synergies between state owned enterprise
  • Creation of high value and brand positioning
  • Creating value proposition for all stakeholders


1. Trustworthy

2. Competent

3. Harmonious

4. Loyal

5. Adaptive

6. Collaborative